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About DBN

Beijing DABEI NONG Technology Group Co. Ltd. (DBN Group for short) is a company of agricultural science and technology that founded by young intellectual Dr. Shao Genhuo. Since its foundation in 1993, DBN Group has always been adhering to the business philosophy of “serving the country, promoting agriculture, striving to be the best, common development”, and it also committing to the cause of promoting Chinese agriculture to modernization through high-tech. Founded in 1993, DA BEI NONG Technology Group Co. Ltd. (DBN Group) is a science driven Agricultural Company. DBN Group went public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange on April 9, 2010. Now it becomes the most valuable agricultural company in market. DBN has been operated under the guiding principles: “Serve the nation by improving agriculture productivity; relentlessly pursue to be the best; create solutions for sustainable growth”. DBN Group is fully committed to the cause of modernizing agriculture sector in China through innovation and technology. Today, DBN Group offers a wide range of innovative products and services in animal feed, animal care, seeds, and crop protection. DBN Group has over 18,000 employees nationwide, 40 production facilities, 67 subsidiaries, 500 special retail stores, and a network of more than 1,000 customer service outreaches. DBN Group strongly believes innovation is the foundation for long term growth. Nearly 10% of company’s gross profit is reinvested in R&D, currently approximately 50 PhDs and 180 MS are working in various DBN’s R&D facilities.