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Position Vacant

Our goal: Recruitment the most initiative people and the most capable people holding out for a here.

Recruitment: Plant protection commissioner
Job Responsibility:
1. Prevention and control of greenhouse crop diseases and pests
2. Data and pesticide management
3. Quality control

1. Bachelor or above, master's degree preferred
2. Plant protection professional, familiar with the plant diseases and insect pests occurrence and control
3. Be familiar with the field crop pests and protection

Recruitment: Human resource commissioner
Job Responsibility:
1. Responsible for the company's training work
2. Establish training system and plan
3. Evaluation of training and education 

1. Majoring in human resources, agriculture and plant protection
2. Strong communication skills and affinity
3. Proficient in English,
4. Adapt to business trip

Recruitment: IP commissioner
Job Responsibility:
1. Patent writing, application and reply
2. The licensing and assignment of the patent
3. Patent management
4. Other tasks assigned by superiors
1. Master degree or above
2. Majoring in agriculture and biology technology
3. Familiar with the patent law, writing of patent and reply
4. More than one year working experience, having working experience of intellectual property rights

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