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DBN Biotech Center (DBNBC) was established on March 15, 2011 as a strategically requirement of DBN Group Ltd. Agricultural biotechnology has become the core target of international science and technology competition and even the global economic competition. DBNBC is founded to blend in the trends of the times and become a world-class agricultural biotechnology entity. We are committed to develop Agro-biotech products with our own intellectual property rights. Currently, our R&D is focusing on three main crops: corn, rice, and soybean and five traits including insect resistance, herbicide tolerance, yield enhancement, drought tolerance, and fertilizer-usage-efficiency. Combining the complementary strength from DBN Seed, DBNBC will enable the seamlessly transition from early discovery research stage to late product development stage. The transition line will greatly accelerate the speed of delivering biotech seeds to the hands of Chinese farmers. 500 million RMB is earmarked to invest into DBNBC in five years. Within six-month, we have hired 90 employees, equipped 3,000m2 of laboratory with advanced instruments, constructed 4,000 m2 of greenhouse space, just name a few. A network of standard field stations will be established to evaluate field performance of DBNBC’s first generation biotech products. In 2012, DBNBC will be a full-fledged, product development oriented, first-class agricultural R&D entity with 200 researchers led by 20 some experienced experts. DBNBC is devoted to deliver, what Chinese farmers need the most, biotech products to the market in the next 5 to 10 years.